Shasta is a woodfire ceramic artist currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Originally from Washington state, she spent many of her early years exploring the outdoors.  Her interests in the environment earned her a biology and studio arts degree from Willamette University in Oregon.  After further exposure to the clay and art community, Shasta earned her Masters of Fine Art from Utah State University in Logan, Utah in 2015.   Always seeking new ways of learning and sharing her craft, Shasta has worked and taught at various academic institutions and arts organizations in states including Utah, California, Tennessee, Virginia, Oregon and abroad. Her interest in biology and her surroundings continues to influence her work. Whether working in the studio, hiking a trail or cooking in the kitchen, she is eager to create and share a new experience with those around her.  Shasta is currently the ceramics studio manager and instructor at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.


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Shasta Krueger ©2015